How to Make Money on Facebook

Looking for information on how to make money on Facebook? In this article, I will show you exactly how you can make 6-7 figures every month by leveraging on the power of Facebook. I’d advise you to suspend everything you are doing right now and read this article in its entirety.


There are several ways to make money from Facebook and I’d highlight and discuss them one after the other. They are;

1. Facebook Influencer

2. Digital marketing


As a Facebook influencer, you can make a lot of money every month in different ways.

a. If you are running a business page, you can apply to Facebook to show ads on your videos. For this to work, you need to have amassed  10,000 followers or more. And you need have had over 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days. Once it’s monetized, you’d begin to earn money from Facebook.


For this to work very well, you need to create lots of valuable video contents. It could be educational, inspirational, funny etc. Just create videos that your audience can relate with so they can comment, like and share. You’d never know which of your video will go viral.


b. As an influencer on Facebook with a large following, you can make money by selling your own products. These products could be physical products or digital products. Physical products are products like real estate, shoes, bags, jewelries, boxes etc.


Digital products are educational materials in PDFs, videos, audios etc. If you have experience in a particular area, you can package it into digital products and sell to your followers. If you don’t have a product, you can simply join an affiliate program and start promoting their products. 

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If you have a large following, I’d advice  you to look into the area of digital marketing. The possibilities of making money as a digital marketer with a big follower base is endless. You can start by acquiring digital skills like Website design with WordPress, creating of sales funnels for businesses, graphics, videos etc.


Most of these skills are skills that people will always need so far they have a business running on the internet. Oh and before I forget, you can offer to help people advertise their businesses on your page since you have amassed a large following. You get?


Another way you can make money on Facebook is to use ‘Sponsored ADS,’ with sponsored ads you can sell thousands of products in a year. You can actually do this without a page that has a large following, let me explain how this works.


i. Do your research and Look for a product that people need.

ii. Set up a page that reflects that product you want to promote.

iii. Run a test ads to ascertain if the product will sell.

iv. If the ad is positive, source for the product locally or import it.

v. Set up your website [one page website] to sell the product.

vi. Keep running your ads non stop until you sell out the product, you can scale up by increasing your advert budget.


Makes sense?

This last part is exactly How to make money on Facebook if you want fast results. Personally, I sell shoes and most of the sales I make is from Facebook sponsored ads. It’s not that complex, you only need to know your product, then learn how to target the right audience.


How to Set Up Facebook Ads to Sell Shoes, Watch Video Below

So that’s basically how to make money on Facebook. I’d recommend that you learn how to run sponsored ads on Facebook, that will give you more targeted results like I mentioned earlier. Facebook ads is a skill that everyone who’s serious about building an online business should learn.
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