How to Get Multiple Credit Alerts Everyday From the 'Reverse Affiliate Marketing' System Without Running Paids ADS

5 Mins Read| By Victor Agina

If you already know about affiliate marketing, I'm sure you are wondering, 'which one is reverse affiliate marketing again? Don't worry, it's not rocket science. I will do well to explain to you in a bit.


Before I go into explaining the reverse process, I'd like everyone reading this to be on the same page. It won't be nice to assume that everybody knows about affiliate marketing. 


If you already know what it is, don't close the page, you can just skip the next 2 paragraphs and head over to where I explained the reverse process. With that being understood, let's proceed.

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

I'd try as much as I can to explain it in simple terms. On the Jumia website, they have lots of products listed; they get traffic from Facebook Ads, Google Ads and also from their affiliates.


These are affiliates are given a unique code on their affiliate accounts, so whenever they promote the links and someone places an order for let's say a pair of shoes, the affiliate gets a commission [I think 3 percent for fashion category]


With this simple explanation, I know you already understand the concept of affiliate marketing. Let me go a bit further, an affiliate is like a middle Man [mostly online] that gets paid to refer customers to vendors.


For example, if you go to Alaba International Market, there are guys that don't own a shop; you usually find them at the gate trying to drag you to go into one of the shops to buy whatever it is you want to buy.


You see, these guys already have an arrangement with the shop owners to get a commission for every customer they bring to the shop. Don't worry, as an online affiliate you won't drag anyone under the sun.


You only need to recommend digital products to people and you get paid. But I want you to see this from the area of solving problems. For example, there are digital products that teach people how to reduce high blood pressure.


If you become an affiliate for such product, you'd be saving people from having a stroke or hypertension or even kicking the bucket. All you need do is to create a sales funnel and promote the heck out of it.



An affiliate is a person who gets paid a certain percentage commission for promoting digital or physical products on the internet. 

How Much Does An Affiliate Earn Per Sale?

Depending on the vendor and product, an affiliate can earn as low as 2 percent per sale to as much as 80 percent per sale, this depends on the product owner.


Most physical product vendors usually have low commissions, the best you can get for most of them is 10 percent. I mentioned Jumia earlier yeah? Let's take a look at their commission.

The shoe above sells for N47,500, from the commission chart above, they pay 8 percent for fashion items. Let's punch our calculator, 8 percent of N47,500 will give you N3,800.


Oh I also see that they give you an extra 2 percent commission of the customer places an order for 50 items. Quite frankly, this commission is low unless you have a way of generating free traffic.


Let's assume you are spending N3,000 per day on Facebook ads, how many of this shoe do you think you can sell? Oh before I forget, most physical product affiliate programs pay you after 30 days.


That's because they have to deliver the item to the customer which might take up to 5 days, then they customer has another 7 day window where he can return the product in the event gets damaged.


So the payout takes time, but if you were to focus on digital product affiliate marketing, you get your commission every 7 days or so. The products are digital and the customer gets instant access to it.


Digital affiliate programs pay up to 80 percent. You see that shoe we used as an example up there, if it were a digital product selling at that price you'd get up to 50 percent, that is N23,750. Sweet yeah?


As you can see from the image above, you can make up to 60 percent commission as an affiliate of digital products. This is far better than the commission for physical products.

But How Do You Make Sales to Get These Amazing Commissions?

You see, if you don't know how to promote these products, you will just have an affiliate account with zero Naira year in and year out. First you need to understand the product you want to promote.


By understanding the product, you will know exactly who your target audience is and the kind of message to use for your ads and messages.


To make sales from the affiliate business, you need to be skilled in the area of creating a sales funnel with great offers, there are thousands of affiliates probably promoting the same products, so you have to be outstanding.


Creating a sales funnel involves owning a website, you need an autoresponder to collect email leads and then you need to have some money to generate traffic to your funnel consistently.


All these things will cost you extra money even after you have paid for training and all that. To get hosting and domain to set up a funnel will cost you nothing less than N15,000,  pro plugins and all you should have spent up to N30,000.


You will pay more if you decide to hire someone to do it for you. Then that's not all, you still need to have a budget for advert that will run for at least 30 days.


Let's say you budget N5,000 per day, that's N150,000 per month you will spend on ads. If you choose to go the free way, it will take extra work to make sales.


What then can you do? This is where the very sweet strategy I mentioned earlier will come to play. What if you don't have to spend money on advert, testing and tweaking funnel to get the best conversion.


What if you could just do some work upfront, then sit, relax and receive daily alerts everyday without having to go through the stress of creating and managing a funnel?

Introducing, 'The Reverse Affiliate Marketing' Strategy

I know you are already thinking, how will this work Victor? Don't worry, don't think too much so you won't have headache lol. I actually use this method for my shoe business.


The strategy is to make the affiliates work for you instead of working to earn a commission per sale. If you get this right, you'd have more than a thousand people promoting your product.


If 10 percent bring in sales everyday and your product sells for N20,000 and you give out 50 percent commission, it means you'd get N1,000,000 per day.


Okay, let it now look like I'm blowing things out of proportion, let's assume that only only 2 percent out of 1000 promote your product, punch your calculator, that's like N200k per day.


With the regular affiliate marketing process, if you don't promote your affiliate links, nobody will buy. For example, below is my earnings dashboard on Expertnaire, I've not promoted any of the links for a long time, notice how the earnings stopped.

As you can see, the last time I made money from it was last year because I have not been actively promoting, I've been focused on my Shoe Business.


If you don't spend money on Ads, if you don't promote your links, you will not make any money from Affiliate Marketing. But with the reverse affiliate strategy, you don't have to run ads.


I'd like to share with you a video that explains this strategy in details. It's an over 40 minutes free video that will give you more insights. It was created by one of my mentors Joe.

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