How to Save Fuel, Gas Consumption [Up to 40%] and Make 6 Figures Every Month With Fuel Factor X

Are you looking for a safe way to reduce your fuel, gas consumption and still make money? Then the Fuel Factor X can help you in 2023 and beyond.


This amazing product doesn’t just help you save fuel, it also gives you an opportunity to make a ton of money every single month by “recommending’ the product to people who are interested in reducing the consumption of their fuel and gas. As you already know, after the subsidy removal the cost of acquiring a liter of fuel in Nigeria increased to N568 in Lagos state.


It’s more than that in other states, up to N617! This surge in fuel price has invariably affected a lot of things like;

  • Cost of food
  • Cost of transportation
  • Cost of running a business etc.


But as a smart business Man, will you rather sit down there and drool about these unfortunate events or would you position yourself as a “problem solver” so you can make a lot of money regardless of how tough the Nigerian economy is right now?


As an affiliate of Fuel Factor X, you will make money. But before I go into all that, I’d like you to have adequate knowledge about this amazing product I’m talking about.


Do you know that it’s possible for you to now spend N260 per liter on your fuel purchase. Yes, it’s possible because I have personally experienced it myself for many many years.


There’s a special fuel treatment I use from the U.S to achieve this.

NOTE: This is NOT the same treatment you see at the filling stations. This is totally different and extremely powerful.



Watch This Video to See How YOU Can Save Fuel, Gas and Make a Lot of Money




This treatment works on the following products…

1. Diesel
2. Petrol [PMS – Premium Motor Spirit]
3. Cooking Gas [LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas]



And I am bringing this to you because currently transportation in Nigeria is very expensive, and the cost of fuel/Petrol is very high and it is affecting people’s standards of living.

The truth is many well-to do people will become poor because of the  current fuel hike.


In fact many people now spend over 50% of their income on transportation alone, while struggling to cover other more important living costs like…

– Feeding
– Electricity recharge
– Airtime recharge
– Cooking gas expense
– Monthly Data expense



And we are not even talking about the bigger expenses that take a larger chunk of money each year like…

– House Rent
– School Fees
– Hospital bills
– Major Car Maintenance bills [For car owners]
– Clothing for the family
– And so on…



If you look at the above recurring bills, you will find out that our ability to save money and take care of these bills depends on the money we have left after transportation costs has been deducted every month from our income.



And this applies to you, whether you are a salary earner or a small business person; more especially if you’re a bread winner.

If the cost of transportation is eating so deep into your pocket to the point that you now spend over 50% of it every month, then you’re in real trouble, if nothing is done immediately to cushion its effects.



As a matter of fact, there are THREE things you could do to alleviate this situation.

1. You could add an extra income stream to your life!


2. You could get something that could help you slash the current cost of petrol and gas by up to 50%


3. You could do 1 & 2 above and have the best of both worlds

As for me, I settled for option 3.

If you live in Nigeria, you definitely need to do one of the 3 options above, because even if you don’t own a car or generator that consumes petrol, you at least own a gas cooker that uses cooking gas right?



Now tell me my dear friend…

Would you like me to prove to you how you can spend roughly 

– N260 per litre on fuel?

And also

– Save up to 50% on cooking gas?



I’m sure you answered YES!


I’ve got good news for you.


But first, let me help you break down how you can get N260 per liter instead of N490 per liter.


If you normally use 4 full tanks of fuel per month, that means every week, you’ll use 1 tank of fuel to drive to work or the office.

Note: One full tank of fuel is roughly 70 litres.

If the cost of fuel is N540, it means you’ll spend 540 x 70 = N37,800.

But because most litre measurement of these filling stations has been altered or tampered with, they’re not standard measurements anymore.



Why do I say so?

Because, I spent N39,600 to fill my tank at N540/liter, instead of N37,800.


After adding the SPECIAL Fuel treatment in their cars…

Many people have recorded between 30% – 50% fuel efficiency on their car.

That means at 50% slashed usage, you’ll only need 2 full tanks instead of 4 tanks in a month. [ This is incredible savings and value for money ]

It also means that your fuel costs have been slashed from N540 x 280 litres [4 weeks cost] to N540 x 140 litres [2 weeks cost].

4 weeks price =  37,000 x 4 = N148,000 [No treatment]
2 weeks price =  37,000 x 2 = N74,000 [With SPECIAL fuel treatment]

So your 2 weeks fuel purchase has provided you enough quantity to last you for 4 weeks at 50% fuel efficiency.



Theoretically speaking, your 140 litres has given you performance for a 280 litres of fuel with fuel treatment. [Great savings on fuel price]

Therefore your costs of fuel acquisition is…

Your monthly cost price [N74,000] divided by your assumed monthly fuel usage [280 litres]

N74,000/280 = N264 per litre

N264 is what you pay per litre of fuel, when you use the Special Fuel Treatment

This is HUGE!!!



Now if you use a gas Cylinder, the same thing is also happening.

In fact many people are recording above 50% in cooking gas efficiency.

When you use this fuel treatment on gas, you are able to use your gas twice longer than you normally do.


In other words…

Let’s say you use 12.5kg per month, with the treatment, that same 12.5kg
will now last you 2 months.

Incredible, isn’t it?



In fact, due to the high cost of petrol products, every family in Nigeria that uses a car, generator or gas cooker needs this product urgently!

– If you don’t have a car, you need it because you use a generator or a cooking gas at home

– If you don’t have a car, a generator, or even a cooking gas, and you take transport to work everyday, you owe it to the commuters to tell them about this product, so you can pay less on transportation.



At this point, you might be asking…

What is this Miracle product?



Introducing…. Fuel Factor-X [FFX]

fuel factor x




How Is This Different From The Fuel Treatments Sold At Fuel Stations?

The difference is in our formula, and our results!

The formulators of the science behind our product Ernst Otto Fischer, & Geoffrey Wilkinson  won a Nobel Prize in 1973 for their work in organometallic chemistry.

Other products may have one or two of our components, but none have all of them. It would take buying many products to match what’s in Fuel Factor X, and still not come close to giving you the same results as using FFX.



How Do I Use The Product?

Pour suggested amount directly into your gas tank. For vehicles with safety or blocking mechanisms in the fuel filler neck such as fuel flaps, covers, or doors, use a funnel to pour FFX directly into the tank. 
If you store fuel in kegs, it can also be added into the keg.



🎯Standard Dosing.
10ml satchet to 100litres of petrol, diesel or kerosene.


🎯Double Dosing
10mls of FFX will treat 50litres of fuel.

We recommend using a double dose of FFX for your first 2-3 tanks and then use one dose per fill-up after that.

For generators, we recommend 3-5 double doses of FFX.

Each foil sachet contains 10mls

The bottle contains 120mls

For Cooking Gas

Use 2ml per 12.5 kg of gas. Apply to an empty cylinder using a needle and syringe, before refill.



How Much Does The Product Cost?

You can buy the product either at wholesale from the company or retail from distributors.

Retail Pricing

1 Satchet 10mls – N6,000
1 Bottle 120 MLS – N65,000


Wholesale Packs To Choose From

Registration Packs To Choose From

– 16 Sachet BUILDER Pack – Treats 1,600Ltrs of fuel
Cost – N62,312
Sell – N96,000 –
Profit – N33,000
Cost per Sachet – N3,895


– 36 Sachets EXECUTIVE Pack – Treats 3,600Ltrs of fuel
Cost – N134,552
Sell – N216,000-
Profit – N81,000
Cost per Sachet – N3,738


– 20 Sachets & Bottle EXECUTIVE Pack – Treats 3,200Ltrs of Fuel
Cost – N124,581
Sell – N185,000
Profit – N60,000
Cost per unit
-Sachet- N3,565
-Bottle – N53,282


1 Bottle BUILDER Pack – Treats 1,200Ltrs of Fuel
Cost – N53,282
Sell – N65,000
Profit – N11,718
Cost per bottle – N53,282


4 Bottles EXECUTIVE Pack – Treats 4,800Ltrs of Fuel
Cost – N197,762
Sell – N260,000-
Profit – N62,000
Cost per bottle – N49,441

1 Sachet = N6,000

1 Bottle (60ml) = N33, 000

1 Bottle (120ml) = N65, 000

The Executive Pack gives you the best value.



Watch Short Clip On How Widely circulated FFX is…




FFX is internationally available in many countries. You can get customers from anywhere across the world. Let’s stop playing o😄🤣😄🔥🔥🤜🤜🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀


The next question I would answer now is….

How do you apply it into your car fuel tank?

Please watch the short video clip on how to do it.





The next question I would also answer is…

How do you apply it into your cooking gas cylinder?

Please Watch a short video clip to see how to do it…




Applying FFX into a 12.5kg gas cylinder.


It’s Testimonial Time…

Let’s check out some very few testimonials of Nigerians who are currently benefiting from this incredible product.


1. Hotel Manager Saves 550 Litres of Fuel on Diesel

Please Watch the following Short Video clip.




2. At J-Rapha Hospital, Manager noticed a fuel efficiency of almost 50% as Generator runs for 17hrs, 20 mins, instead of 9 hours.


Please Watch Short Video clip…




As you can see, the product works exactly as described so you can make a purchase today and start saving a lot of money on fuel and gas. Imagine using your cooking gas for 1-2 months more when you fill up your cylinder? Imagine being able to conserve fuel for your car and enjoy enhanced vehicle per.formance.



Top 7 Advantages of Fuel Factor X PRODUCT, Treatment Formulation That Make It The Best on The Market

1. Fuel Factor X is a high quality product that is made up of only the best ingredients.

2. It has been scientifically proven to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

3. The product contains no animal products or by-products, making it ethical for use by vegetarians and vegans alike.

4. The product offers a range of benefits that are not found in other fuel products on the market, including increased horsepower and torque, as well as improved throttle response time which leads to better acceleration and driving performance in general.

5. It is manufactured in the USA, meaning you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals being used in its production process or ingredients sourced from other countries being used instead of those sourced locally like with many other fuel treatments on the market today.

6. Fuel Factor X Works with Modern Sensors and Engines to give drivers the gas they need while avoiding the smog.

7. The product is easy to administer and comes in a single foil pack or self-measuring bottle.


How Do I Use The Product?

Pour suggested amount directly into your fuel tank.

If you store fuel in kegs, it can also be added into the keg.


You are to double dose your first 3 TANKS before dropping down to the single dose.

For generators, your first 5 TANKS will be treated with double doses of FFX.

NOTE: If your tank is 100 litres, but you buy only 20litres per time, you will need to double dose 20litres of fuel 5 times to treat 1 tank.


🎯Standard Dosing is a ratio of 1ml to 10litres

1 ml = 10 Litres
2 ml = 20 Litres
3 ml = 30 Litres
4 ml = 40 Litres
5 ml = 50 Litres

🎯Double Dosing

1 ml = 5 Litres
2ml = 10 Litres
5 ml = 25 Litres
6 ml = 30 Litres
8 ml = 40 Litres
10 ml = 50 Litres
12ml = 60 Litres


For Gas
Use 0.5ml per 3kg of gas
Use 1ml per 6kg of gas
Use 2ml per 12.5 kg of gas.
Use 4ml per 25kg of gas
Use 8ml per 50kg of gas

Put in an empty cylinder using a needle and syringe, shake before refill.



Imagine making a lot of money by becoming a partner with this company, doesn’t that sound nice? If you are interested in either buying the product for personal using or becoming a partner so you can use and also make extra money from the business, then send me a message on CALL 08037193840 or CLICK HERE TO OPEN UP A CHAT ON WHATSAPP



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