How to Make Money from Sportybetcom

Hey there, in this article you will discover how you can make money from sportybetcom. If you are reading this article, then it’s more than likely you are interested in football betting. As a matter of fact, you can make good money from betting if you have a strategy, but if you have no strategy, you will lose a lot of money.


The reason why people loose more than they win is greed and lack of planning. It’s funny when I see some tickets with 40 games, anyone who keeps doing that will keep loosing money. Those kind of tickets only turn GREEN once in a while, you want to be able to select a few games with a 98 percent likelihood to win.


How Do You Make Money from Sportybetcom?

In order to make money from Sportybet, you need to;

1. Do your research on the games for the day

2. Use 2 or more prediction websites to make your picks

3. Decide on how many odds you want to play for the day[be focused]

4. Don’t be greedy, stick with your plan


Everyday, there are hundreds of games being listed on the Sportybet website, you have to skim through the games and look for teams that have a likelihood of getting a desired result. Let’s go to the website now and let me show you how I do my research and selection.




Take a look at the games above, I want us to work with Real Madrid, our aim is to get 2 odds everyday. If you roll over this 2 odds everyday for 10 days you will get over a million Naira. So you see the option for Madrid to win the game is 1.19 and also for them to score over 1.5 [2 goals] is 1.15.


There is a likelihood that these events will happen. I love to go for the over 1,5 option because I really don’t have to wait till the end of the game, sometimes the teams will score two goals in the first half. Let’s head over to some prediction websites to see what they predict.




In terms of goals, this website predicted that Real Madrid will score 4 goals in the match. I told you I love to go for goals, so let’s keep that in mind and head over to another website to see what their prediction is for Real Madrid and Cadiz.




You can take a look at one more prediction website, for me I will select over 1.5 or 2.5 because it makes¬† I believe Real Madrid will score at least 2 goals, we want to keep the bet safe so I’d suggest we pick over 1.5 at 1.15 odds. Scroll down on the Sportybet app again and select another game for they day [ a popular big team].


Make these selections until you accumulate 2 odds. Make sure you bet on goals and not home or away win. Use this strategy over and again and watch how you make money from sportybetcom. Now let’s do some calculation, if you play 2 odds with N1,000 on day one, you will win N2,000 right?


Play on day 2 with N2,000, you will win N4,000 right? On the 3rd day, you play N4,000 times 2 odds, that’s N8,000 right? Continue this sequence until you get to the 10th day, you’d have made a million Naira. It’s very important that you don’t get distracted to leave the plan, you might be tempted to accumulate more games, don’t!


Let me also share with you another strategy that will help make money. It’s the in-play method, I simply look at teams on the live match that has scared at least one goal in the first 20 minutes, I then go to the sportybetcom website to play the games while they are live.¬†


Most times, when a team scores under 20 minutes in first half, there’s a likelihood that the team will score another goal, so you simply play over 1.5 that means if the team scores another goal, you win. It might look small, but when you keep accumulating you will have more wins than losses.


For me, this is the safest way to play and make money from Sportybet. But, I’d also advice that betting is not a business, I don’t really play bets all the time, I just do it for leisure. I have online businesses running for me that makes consistent money.


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I got to run now.

Talk soon


Victor Agina

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