Tips for Starting a Blog and Making Money from Blogging

If you are looking for tips for starting a blog and making money from blogging, then I’ve got you. In this article, you will learn how to start a WordPress blog and then grow it into a 6 figure per month business in a couple of months from now.


Please note, this is not a get rich quick thing. Blogging requires time and you must put in the work to make money. If you are looking for a quick fix to make millions of dollars in a month, then this post is really not for you. With that being understood, lets’ get right straight into business.


Starting a Blog from Scratch – What You Need to Know

What is Blogging?

In very simple language, blogging is the art or process or generating contents, photos, and other forms of visuals and publishing them on a blog or website. Basically, a blog gives you some kind of authority in your area of specialization but if you are starting a blog there are certain things you need to put in place from the outset.


You don’t just blog because Mr. A is blogging, you don’t just blog because you read about how people are making millions from blogging. You have to go through A PROCESS. Just like when you came into this world, you couldn’t crawl, then later you crawled and then you walked and then maybe you can fly right now lol.


The first thing you need to do before starting a blog is to decide on the niche to serve.


What is a Niche?

A niche is a segment of a market.

Before I go further, let me explain what a market is so you can better understand when I start talking about niches.


In blogging, there are 4 basic markets that are very profitable;

1. Health

2. Wealth/ Money

3. Relationship


Under Health You Have;

a. Weight loss

b. Diabetes

c. High blood pressure

d. Hair loss


Under Wealth You Have;

a. Different offline businesses like POS business, sharwama business etc

b. Online businesses like blogging, eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing etc.

c. Investments


I believe you understand what I mean now right?

So a niche is a particular area of concentration in a market. For example, when you get to trade fair market in Lagos, there are different sections. There is Aspamda where you go to if you want to buy parts for your car, if you want to buy cosmetics, you go to Abia Plaza.


People just go to where they’d find what they want or need.

Are you feeling me at all?

So if people know that they can learn about internet businesses on your blog, they’d visit when they want to learn a thing or two.


Your blog has to be targeted. You have to be known for one particular thing, don’t be a jack of all trades. Take a look at the markets and niches I talked about earlier, then you decide on which one to focus on. You can actually just choose a market if you don’t want it to be too narrow.


What I mean is that you can just choose the health market so you can talk about anything related to health. If you choose a niche like high blood pressure you might run out of contents because it is very niche. You get what I am saying right.


Have you decided on the niche you want to focus on now?

Okay, I guess you have decided. So what’s the next step on starting a blog.

You need to create the blog.


Without a blog/website, you cannot publish contents.

So how do you create a blog? It’s not rocket science, in the next 5 minutes I will show you exactly how to create a blog. In other to create a blog, you need a hosting account and a domain name. 


What’s a Domain Name?

A domain name is the unique identifier of your website, that’s the name people type in their browser before they can see your content. For example, is my domain name, when you type that name on your browser, you will find yourself right here on my blog.


What’s Hosting?

A hosting account is where your files are stored online. The hosting account is like a house where you live, if someone comes and asks for Victor, then I’d come out. So the hosting is where the pictures you upload on your website is stored, it’s where the content and video is stored etc.


Where to Buy Hosting and Domain Name

There are thousands of hosting companies out there on the internet, but before you purchase any of their plans; it’s important to look at their reviews so you don’t pay for something you will regret in the nearest future. I remember how one of the hosting companies had a data loss and it wiped everything away from my blog.


Let me save you the stress of going to research hosting companies, there’s one that works very well and the name is BLUEHOST. The company has been around since 2015 till date and have never failed to deliver quality of service with its hosting plans. 


starting a blog

Watch the Video Below to Learn How to Build a Website In 2022 With Bluehost




Now that you have installed your WordPress blog, the next step is to install essential plugins like SEO Yoast etc. After that, you start writing and publishing contents on your blog. For this tutorial, I am not going to focus on Search Engine Optimisation as it might take time before your website starts ranking.


I’d be talking about using paid ads from Facebook to drive targeted traffic to your blog so you can start making money from blogging. But before I go into that, how do you make money from your blog quickly without waiting for 5 years like Linda Ikeji did.


That takes me to how to monetize your website, there are several ways and they are;

1. Google Adsense
2. Affiliate products
3. Your own information products
4. Sponsored ads


For the purpose of this training I’d talk about selling affiliate products or your own information products. I like this model because it’s not very difficult to make money even if your blog is a new one. All you need is a rush of targeted traffic and you are good to go.


If you don’t have a digital product of your own, I’d suggest you monetize your blog with affiliate products. For this to work, You’d need to set up a subscription form on your blog so when visitors visit, you can capture their names and email addresses then send them follow up messages from your autoresponder.


So the strategy is to;

a. Write up to 20 articles on your blog
b. Pick one of the articles and send targeted traffic to it from Facebook
c. Collect the visitors details and redirect them to a thank you page
d. Follow up via email to sell your digital product.


That’s it in a nutshell,

If you’d like to learn a more advanced way of making money from blogging, I’d like you to watch a video created by one of my mentors. CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT.
Until next time.




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