What to Invest In Nigeria With 100k

Are you looking for what to invest in Nigeria with 100k? Look no further, I’ve got a couple of amazing business investment opportunities you can start with just 100k and grow it into 200k or more in 2-6 months from now.


But first, I’d have to warn you. What I am about to introduce to you is not a High Yield Investment Program, it’s not those kind of ponzis flying all around the internet, Nah. I will never endorse that!


I want to believe that the reason why you are searching for investment opportunities in Nigeria  is because you already have a 100k or more in your bank account but just not sure where to invest it right.


If that’s the case, then let me help you.


What to Invest In Nigeria With 100k

The first place I’d recommend that you invest your money into is the Shoe Business. With 100k you can kick start your business, don’t worry I’d explain how you can make this happen.


There’s a huge demand for shoes in Nigeria, as a matter of fact the shoe business is one of the most lucrative businesses. I can tell you for free because it’s one of the businesses that I am actively involved in.


According to Statista, the Shoe Business is worth. See image below.

what business to invest in nigeria with 100k


With your 100k, you can buy some shoes upfront; to make it easier for you, it’s better to buy a carton of shoes at a low cost and then sell for a profit of between 3k – 5k.


Let me break it down for you. There are some shoes that have good quality but they don’t cost much. You can get this kind of shoe for N3,500. See picture below.



what business to start in Nigeria with 100k


A carton of this shoe contains 24 shoes, multiply this by N3,500 [Carton Price] you’d get N84,000 right. When you subtract that amount from your N100,000, you’d have N16,000 left.


Now here’s what you can do with the N16,000, open a Facebook page for selling shoes. Make at least 20 posts with pictures of shoes, you can also add random quotes about shoes.

Take a good photograph of the shoe you want to promote, post it with the price, size etc and then run sponsored ads on Facebook. I usually do conversion ads because I have a website.


But if you don’t have a website, you can use the message objective. Watch the video below to learn how to create a Facebook page and how to run sponsored ads.


How to Create a Facebook Page


How to Create a Facebook Ads to Sell Shoes


This is just one of what to invest in Nigeria with 100k, there are two other businesses you can start with that money to make N3k – N5k or more every day, just stay with me while I discuss the other two.


2. POS Business

The POS business is another very lucrative business that you can start with 100k. I have a couple of friends who do this business, one of them said the least amount she has ever made in this business is N3k.


Just yesterday, I went to the shop of one of my friends; she actually owns a boutique in trade fair market but she decided to add the POS business to what she’s already doing.


When she showed me her transactions in 2 months, I was wowed. She also told me the least amount of money she has made in profit is N4,000. On some days, she makes N10,000.


The key to making 100k or more every month from this business is to be strategic about it. You have to been in a business place or in a place where you are share transactions will take place every day.


For her, it’s inside the market. I know of another young girl who doesn’t have a shop in the market, she goes around with her POS machine, there’s usually terrible network in that market so people who cannot transfer will opt to use the POS machine.


I enquired from my friend about the cost of starting the business, she told me 100k was fair enough to get started. The POS machine costs N25,000, there’s even a new one [TRACTION] that costs N10,000.


Then you need to have cash with you, N75,000 will be just fine. Before you exhaust the money, you’d have gotten enough money. The transaction is usually a withdrawal or a deposit.

When someone wants to make a deposit, you collect cash and do a transfer to the person. But when the person wants to withdraw money, you give the person cash and He/She transfers or pays with card.


With your N100k investment, you can make N100k or more every month from the POS business. I’d write a more detailed article about this business. Now let me talk about the 3rd business.


 3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing business is another business you can start with 100k and make a 100 percent or more Return on Investment in one month if you go about it the right way.


Affiliate marketing is basically you selling other peoples’ products for a commission. These products could either be physical products or digital products. I prefer digital products because they pay you up to 50 percent commission.


First thing you need to do is to sign up with an affiliate network. Some of them are free while others are paid. After you sign up, you need to take a look at the product available, then you pick one of them and start promoting.


Let Me Show You a Snapshot from the Courses on Expertnaire

expertnaire courses


So let’s say you pick a product that sells for N50,000 and the vendor decides to pay out 50 percent commission, that means for any sale you make you’d get N25,000. Just 4 sales in a week will give you 100k.


With your 100k, you will need to set up a mini website [Let’s say 10k] if you set it up yourself, you’d need to register for the affiliate network [10k for Expertnaire] or you take the 72 IG affiliate marketing course N62,500.


This gives you free access to the Expertnaire network, it also shows you how to sell the products on the Network using both free and paid methods.


The N38,500 balance can be used for promoting the course. If you are interested in getting the 72IG course which I highly recommend, then CLICK HERE.


To chat me up about any of the businesses, you can send me an email agina.ikenna@gmail.com




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